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NLP Leadership Practitioner Training Course - Chris Howard

NLP Leadership Practitioner Training Course – Chris Howard
Chris Howard | ISBN: N/a | 2005 | MP3 | 278 mb

This one-week course is all about mastery! Mastery of the skills you learned at the Neuro Linguistic Professional Certification Training course.
How Will You Benefit

* Discover the impact of quantum mechanics on your ability to make lasting changes in your mind-body connection
* Gain the second half of the full body of knowledge of Creation Technologies? for one on one communication
* Learn to change the basis of personality for self or others
* Learn how to make changes inside yourself that can instantly change the external world outside of you
* Master coaching skills
* Gain the ability to quickly read people and know them even better then they know themselves
* Learn to tailor your communications inside an individuals personality style
* Learn to master the tools for recreating excellence
* Persuade, inspire and influence groups of people
* Learn and embrace the secrets of masters of influence
* Empower yourself with insight into how you create your reality
D01 – The Keys to Success
CD02 – The Foundation of Empowerment
CD03 – Sensory Accuity
CD04 – Hypnotic Rapport
CD05 – Communication Styles
CD06 – Eye Patterns
CD07 – Submodalities
CD08 – Swish Patterns
CD09 – Language Mastery
CD10 – Hypnotic Persuasive Language
CD11 – Precision Communication
CD12 – Emotional Mastery
CD13 – Anchoring and the Forgiveness Process
CD14 – Strategies – Recipes for Success
CD15 – Strategy Utilization
CD16 – Changing Behaviour
CD17 – Reframing
CD18 – Parts Integration
CD19 – Navigating Your Future
CD20 – Installation CD 1
CD21 – Installation CD 2
CD22 – Installation CD 3


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