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"Bioenergetics" ed. by Kevin Clark

"Bioenergetics" ed. by Kevin Clark
InTech | 2012 | ISBN: 953100904 9789535100904 | 291 pages | PDF | 8 MB

This volume brings together some of over 200-year-old study traditions for readers through a collection of chapters written by international authorities. Novice and expert will find this book bridges scientific revolutions in organismic biology, membrane physiology, and molecular biology to advance the discipline of bioenergetics toward solving contemporary and future problems in metabolic diseases, life transitions and longevity, and performance optimization.

Part 1 Reviews of Bioenergetics Applied to Life Span and Disease
1 Antioxidant Action of Mobile Electron Carriers of the Respiratory Chain
2 Mitochondrial Calcium Signalling: Role in Oxidative Phosphorylation Diseases
3 Bioenergetics Theory of Aging
4 Sirtuin-Dependent Metabolic Control and Its Role in the Aging Process
5 Energy Metabolism in Children and Adolescents
6 Role of Inorganic Polyphosphate in the Energy Metabolism of Ticks
Part 2 Reviews of Bioeneroetics Applied to Performance Optimization
7 Bioenergetics Applied to Swimming: An Ecological Method to Monitor and Prescribe Training
8 Invertebrates Mitochondrial Function and Energetic Challenges
9 Optimisation of Cell Bioenergetics in Food-Associated Microorganisms
Part 3 New Techniques and Findings in Bioenergetics Research
10 Phosphorescence Oxygen Analyzer as a Measuring Tool for Cellular Bioenergetics
11 Targeting the Mitochondria by Novel Adamantane-Containing 1,4-Dihydropyridine Compounds

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