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Guided Meditations by Source Vibrations
Guided Meditations by Source Vibrations
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Genre: AudioBook

Theseguided meditation and hypnosis sessions focus on the trans personalaspect of the inner life, helping to guide the mind into patterns ofperception that can enhance the quality and depth of awareness. Many ofthese tracks include brainwave entrainment technology aimed atfacilitating more subtle and receptive states of consciousness wherehealing and deep change more readily occur.

The GuidedMeditations listed below are designed to assist listeners in deepeningin to a sense of wholeness and well-being by establishing positivethought habits, empowering an expanded awareness of the inner Self andnurturing the personal connection to Source Consciousness.

Thesemeditations incorporate solfeggio music, brainwave entrainmenttechnology and elements of transpersonal hypnotherapy. These sessionsare helpful for anyone who wishes to bring in greater abundance, andpeace of mind while living in an ever expanding Love centered awareness.To get the most out of these meditation sessions, please use stereoheadphones.

1. Associating with Wholeness - 528 Hz Healing Session
2. Golden Flame Meditation 936 Hz
3. Golden Light Energy Body Cleanse
4. Golden Light Meditation
5. Hypnosis for Abundance
6. Meditation Beyond the Cosmos (Alpha / Theta Entrainment)
7. Reiki Healing Meditation
8. The Eternal River Meditation
9. The Perfect You
10. Undoing the Meditator





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