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Navitel navigation v5.1.0.47 (2012) RePack Android

Navitel navigation v5.1.0.47 (2012) Android | RePack | 55.79 MB

The mapping of priority lanes for maneuver. Navitel help prepare for an upcoming maneuver in advance, specifying the correct lane road to rebuild. At the request of the user a hint on selecting bands for maneuver may be displayed at the top or bottom of the screen, or at all can be turned off in your program.

Updated service-probes "Navitel.Probki" and information about the satellites. Sensor "Navitel.Probki" now displays information about traffic jams in the city in points - from one to ten, and the sensor "Sputnik" indicates the number of active satellites. --- Red satellite icon indicates that the current user's location is not defined, yellow indicates the satellite to receive data on the coordinates through the A-GPS, and the icon becomes green when "caught" at least four satellites.
New search-"nearest" objects POI. Before you start searching the nearest POI, the user is prompted to choose a place as to which will be searched: next to the current location, next to your location, along the paved path next to the finish point of the route, or around the site, pre-specified cursor on the map.
Turn-map with two fingers. If the display device supports Multitouch, by rotating two fingers on the screen, the device can change the orientation of the map to the cardinal. For devices without support for Multitouch map rotation is available with a smooth motion with his finger on the scale of magnitude.
-Warnings about excessive speed. In addition to warning of the approach to the Speedcam, Navitel can now warn the user about the speeding on this stretch of road. Configure the notifications (visual or audio, and for what values ??of the excess) is in the Settings menu, under "Warnings."
-The option "Turn on the movement." Changed the Work of the rotation function map while driving. Map rotation now occurs with respect to the direction of the user, regardless of the direction paved route.
-Improved algorithm for constructing routes. The updated routing algorithm based on the data about traffic jams can be avoided "loops" in the construction of the route. ---- Fixed a bug with periodic construction routes "in line" with automatic re-route. Adjustments were made in the construction of the "short" route. Adapted routing option, taking into account reversals.
Visual-effects. Improved display of 3D-models on the map at a scale of 2000km display the background color changed to black (Cosmos). The maximum number of weather forecasts on the map is reduced to 5 objects. Improved drawing of the map.
-Fixes in the automatic update check cards.
-Podgruzhennaya earlier information about traffic jams will be available when you restart the program.
-Improved support for smart phones and tablet screens with higher resolution display.
-Fixed possible stuttering voice prompts on some Android-devices.
-Improved stability and performance of Navitel Navigator.

Title: Navitel Navigator / Navitel navigation
Developer: JSC "CNT"
Published by: Company "CNT"
Publisher in Russia: JSC "CNT"
Year: 2012

Official Site: Off. site

Language: Eng + Rus
Description: "Navitel Navigator", sold on the Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Kazakh markets. Available for PDAs and smartphones with GPS-receiver based on the iPhone OS, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, Bada, Java as well as car navigation based on Windows CE.

The company also produces cards for this program.

Publication Type: License
Tablet: Disinfected

System requirements:
Processor: 128 Mhz
RAM: to install the program would require at least 70 Mb of free RAM devices
HDD: ~ 30-35 Mb + 500 Mb to 4 GB - map.



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