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VMware Workstation 8.0.2 591240 (x86/x64/2012/ENG/RUS)
Year / Date: 2012 | Version: 8.0.1 Build 591240 | Developer: © VMware, Incl | Bit depth: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete | Compatible with Windows 7 full time | Language: English + Russian | Medicine: Present

Many awards
For VMware Workstation is worth more than 10 years of development and the confidence of users worldwide. VMware Workstation software has won over 50 awards, including Redmond Magazine Readers Choice Award 2010, and Dr. Dobb 2011 Jolt Product Excellence, and is included in the Hall of Fame Jolt.
Implementation of multi-tier applications on a single PC
Manage multiple virtual machines connected to the network by using folders. Folders provide a convenient start-up and execution of complex multi-tier enterprise applications on one PC - one click.
Snapshots and clones: a real time savings
Snapshots provide a conservation status of virtual machines and return to it at any time. Snapshots are useful when you want to restore a virtual machine to a previous, more stable state. Workstation provides a convenient search for the saved image and return to them.
Installing operating systems and applications can be time consuming and lengthy. With clones, you can create multiple copies of virtual machines within the basic installation and configuration process. This feature speeds up and simplifies the support of standardized computing environments for employees and students, as well as creating a basic configuration for testing.
Redesigning your old appliance
Quickly and easily convert all physical PCs based on Microsoft Windows and Linux, which take up space in your workplace, in the virtual machine VMware Workstation. Get all the benefits of virtualization and free work place and equipment.
Protection from prying eyes
Protecting virtual machines from prying eyes by using 256-bit encryption AES.
Printing that just works
Print without a printer driver automatically makes your PC accessible to the virtual machines, Windows and Linux - Drivers and setup is required. PC default printer will appear as the default printer on the virtual machines.
The Time Machine
Defective applications, equipment failures, viruses and other malicious software not accompanied by a warning, which would make it possible to create a snapshot manually. Fortunately, AutoProtect create images automatically at specified intervals, which provides protection against accidental failure and return to good condition.
Exemption of system resources
Suspend the virtual machine to free up CPU resources that can be used by other running virtual machines or demanding applications.

System Requirements to Host:
Host CPU ::
The host system must have a 64-bit x86 CPU that meets the following requirements.
• 1.3GHz or faster CPU minimum
• Multiprocessor systems are supported.
• Support for 64-bit guest operating systems is available with Intel VT or AMD-V CPUs.
• You need enough memory to run the host operating system, plus the memory required for each guest operating system and for applications on the host and guest. The minimum memory requirement is 1GB, VMware recommends to have 2GB and above. For more information on memory requirements, see your guest operating system and application documentation.
• As of version 7.0 of Workstation, the total amount of memory you can assign to all virtual machines running on a single host is limited only by the amount of RAM on the host. The maximum amount of memory for each virtual machine is 32GB.
Recommendations for Windows 7 Aero Graphics Support
To support Windows 7 Aero graphics, VMware recommends the following configuration:
• Intel Dual Core, 2.2GHz and above
• AMD Athlon 4200 + and above
Host GPU:
• nVidia GeForce 8800GT and above
• ATI Radeon HD 2600 and above
• Memory-at least 3GB of host system memory, 1GB of memory allocated to the guest operating system, and 256MB graphics memory.
Hard Disks:
• IDE and SCSI hard drives are supported.
• VMware recommends at least 1GB free disk space for each guest operating system and the application software used with it. If you use a default setup, the actual disk space needs are approximately the same as those for installing and running the guest operating system and applications on a physical computer.
• 200MB (Linux) or 1.5GB (Windows) free disk space is required for basic installation. Delete the installer afterwards to reclaim disk space.
Optical CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drives:
• IDE and SCSI optical drives are supported.
• CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives are supported.
• ISO disk image files are supported.
Floppy Drives:
Virtual machines can connect to the host's disk drives. Floppy disk image files are also supported.
Local Area Networking:
• You can use any Ethernet controller that the host operating system supports.
• Non-Ethernet networks are supported by using built-in network address translation (NAT) or using a combination of host-only networking plus routing software on the host operating system.

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