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Carl Galletti - Copywriter Protege Program

Carl Galletti - Copywriter Protege Program
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If you expect profitable results from the copy you write, let me tell you about a Coywriting Course that REALLY delivers. And FAST! About 12 years ago when I started this course, your only choice was "reading" about how to write copy. But you can't really just "read" about it and expect very good results, now, can you?
That's why I developed this revolutionary copywriting course. It had more than information. It had my "secret" writing exercises that were specially developed to increase your copywriting ability - no matter what level you are on. The Best Course To Learn How To Write Copy,There is no copywriting course that compares. I began by coaching individuals one-on-one. That way I could find out first hand what they needed to know. And I could guide them along every step in a very customized way. I called my copywriting course The Copywriter Protege Program and now charge $5,000.00 for it. Actually, it was probably too cheap considering that writing one single sales letter for a client could bring you $5,000.00-$6,000.00, even for a beginner.


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